Exclusive Greg Miller Limited Edition Print Release

Greg Miller, (From top left clockwise) 'Inside Straight', 'Crossroads', 'Searchers', and 'Blazing Sun', 2012, Inkjet, hand applied paint and spray paint with a silkscreened varnish finish, 56 cm x 56 cm, Edition of 50.



The Get Go

“Greg Miller: The Get Go”, explores contemporary artist Greg Miller's relationship to the City of Angels and reveals how artistic identities have been forged in Southern California. Each glossy page features bold contemporary artwork, personal inspiration or photography, and offers a varied and often surprising look at the timelessness of Los Angeles culture in America's historical context.

Hard bound. 100 pages. Edition of 250. Signed by Greg Miller

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Signs of the Nearly Actual

“Greg Miller: Signs of the Nearly Actual” is Venice, CA based artist Greg Miller’s first art book retrospective. It features an amazing collection of artwork spanning 40 years and is loaded with images, information, and interviews.

This book is the first monograph on Miller’s work. It looks with discernment and insightful detail at the prolific and many faceted career of an artist whose work has been described as post-pop.

The thematic and loosely chronological structure of the book brings to light the diversity and depth of Miller’s art while at the same time underlining the continuity and recurrence of themes and ideas within his ever surprising and prolific career as an artist, painter and filmmaker.

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